Tips to help you conserve energy:

Seasonal Tips from Every Kilowatt Counts Ontario Power Authority

Every Kilowatt Counts

Spring & Summer

Spring cleaning includes making your home energy efficient. Make an impact on your electricity costs and make a difference to the environment.

  • Install a programmable thermostat. Properly set, it can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 10%. Set your central air conditioner for 25°C when you’re at home and 28°C when you’re away. Better still, use ceiling fans to circulate air. The blades should rotate to move the air down to help produce a cooling breeze.
  • Sign up for peaksaver® (if available where you live). Allow your utility to turn down your central air conditioner for short periods during hot summer weekdays when the demand for electricity is high. (Visit Every Kilowatt Counts to find out more about the program and cash incentives.)
  • Clean or replace your air conditioning filter monthly. Dirty filters can restrict air flow and reduce your system’s efficiency.
  • Vacuum or brush refrigerator coils to make them more energy efficient.
  • Keep the heat out. Close your blinds and curtains during the day.
  • Turn it off. Remember to turn off the TV, computer, stereo, DVD players and lights when you’re not using them. Install a power bar with an integrated timer to shut off all your devices at the end of day.
  • Use it in off hours. Run your dishwasher, washer and dryer early in the morning or after 8 p.m. when electricity demand is less. When you can, use a clothesline and let the sun and breezes naturally dry your clothes.

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