VairTEX™ Canada Inc Air Director

The VairTEX™ Air Director is a cleantech, simple, cost effective and elegant solution to reduce the demand for electricity and lower your A/C energy bill.  It’s money in your pocket!

It is designed to complement existing A/C technology, without impacting existing infrastructure.

It seems this product could align well with our government’s response to climate change.  This clean technology device, researched through Carleton University with the assistance of the National Research Council, may be an asset to set us at the forefront of fighting global warming and climate change on the international stage.

The Honourable Mauril Bélanger, M.P., Ottawa-Vanier

Commercial / Industrial / Residential
by VairTEX™ Canada Inc

Validation Testing:

Several years of extensive testing on commercial and residential condensers of various sizes and brands have consistently demonstrated the following:

  1.  Superior condenser performance in adverse weather conditions
  2.  Protection of the interior condenser components from the elements
  3.  Meeting or exceeding the rated capacity of the condenser
    with less energy consumption and no maintenance
  4.  Seamless integration with the design of existing condensers
  5.  Ease of installation without power interruption 
  6.  A recent industrial application reduced KWH approx. 10%
Invented and developed in Canada (Canadian & U.S. patents) by VairTEX™ Canada Inc

In response to a need to address current inefficiencies of commercial, industrial and residential cooling and refrigeration.  VairTEX™ has soundly debunked a long-standing 40-year theory, that a 10% increase in airflow would require a 33% increase in energy consumption.

Simply not true!   And, VairTEX™ has the proof.

The VairTEX™ Air Director  consistently outperforms the reference units in side by side testing in all weather conditions and provides a more responsible manner of using our natural resources and minimizing the ecological impact on the planet.